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Star of the Week

Star of the Week

During the “Field Season” (May - September) the fossil crew chooses individuals to become a CFDC Paleo Star of the Week. 

The fossil crew looks for someone who discovered a really cool fossil or many fossils during their visit to the CFDC.  It could also be someone who knows a lot about fossils or rocks or even someone who had a lot of fun with us!

Individuals awarded as the Paleo Star of the Week will be recognized in the museum as well as this website with a caption as to why they were chosen and presented with a certificate.  At the end of the field season we will draw one of our Paleo Stars for a grand prize.   Good luck to everyone!

Eva Stevenson
Aug 1, 2011 - Eva Stevenson

The Paleostar for the week of August 1st to the 5th is Eva Stevenson. She came on a half day tour and discovered two possible Cimolichthys nepoholica fish vertebrae’s. They are in very nice preservation. Way to go Eva!

Kaitlyn Gunkel and John Gunkel
August 8, 2011 - Kaitlyn Gunkel and John Gunkel

The Paleostar for the week of August 8th to the 12th is Kaitlyn Gunkel and John Gunkel from Winnipeg. They were eager to be here, which is always exciting. At the site they gathered two bags of Pembina diamonds and jarosite for their collection. Kaitlyn found some concretions and her father, John, found a possible rib of a mosasaur. They were happy to be digging out in the dirt, and their work paid off! Good job you two! What a great day!

Tanner Bennet
August 15, 2011 - Tanner Bennet

The Paleostar for the week of August 15- 19 is Tanner Bennet from Dauphin Manitoba. He and his family went on one of our digs. He was very interested in digging for fossils. Tanner found a squalicorax tooth. Way to go Tanner, that is a great find!

Linda Berens
August 22, 2011 - Linda Berens

The Paleostar for the week of August 22- 25 is Linda Berens! She was one of our one days and found the first fossil in thirty five minutes of being there! Later right before we left as well she found a fossil. Her first fossil was a mosasaur vertebra, and her second were two fossils that looked like ribs or phalanges of a mosasaur. It was a great, interesting day! Way to go Linda!

Riley Thompson and Archie Thompson
July 4, 2010 - Riley Thompson and Archie Thompson

The Paleostars for the week of July 4th to July 8th is Riley Thompson and Archie Thompson! Archie and his son were on a two day excavation. He found a possible fish jaw at one of our sites, and his son found two impressive fish jaws of the Millwood preservation with teeth in them; it was a very successful find! Way to go Archie and Riley!

Jackson Bear and Cameron Krall Jackson Bear and Cameron Krall
July 11, 2011 - Jackson Bear and Cameron Krall

The Paleostars for the week of July 11th to the 15th are Jackson Bear and Cameron Krall! They are from Sugar and Spice Daycare in Winnipeg. After an interesting day, and only having thirty or so minutes to dig, these two found fossils. Jackson found a nicely preserved fish vertebrae and Cameron found a small fish vertebrae! Way to go guys, you guys are great!

Alex Bistyak
Ju1 18th, 2011 - Alex Bistyak

This week’s Paleostar for the week of 18th to the 22nd is Alex Bistyak! Alex is ten years old and was on a one day dig tour, and he was very excited to be there. He wants to be a palaeontologist when he’s older. After digging in one spot for a few hours he finally moved, and a second later discovered a possible rib fragment. Way to go Alex!

July 25, 2011 - Jessica Rempel
Jessica Rempel

The Paleostar for the week of July 25th to the 29th is Jessica Rempel. Jessica wants to be an archaeological/paleontological student and she thought this would be a good experience for her. She enjoyed everything, the Pembina shale, the Millwood shale, digging, prospecting, and her efforts were not in vain. She found about thirty minutes in at one of the dig sites a Cimolichthys Nepoholica tail fin. This find and many more in the Millwood shale made her Paleostar of the Week! Awesome work Jessica!

Cody Roy and Amber Anderson
June 6, 2011 - Cody Roy and Amber Anderson

The Paleostar of the week of June 6th to June 10th is Cody Roy and Amber Anderson. Cody is in grade 7 and Amber is in grade 8, both are from St Pierre Jolie School. They were the most enthusiastic out of the group, always hoping to find a fossil. After searching in a few places they discovered a mosasaur scapula! This was an excellent find so good job guys!

June 13, 2011 - Danica

The Paleostar of the week of June 13th to the 17th is Danica who is in grade 5 from Gillam School. She was a very hard worker and her work paid off. She uncovered three fossils, 2 rib fragments and a possible mosasaur fragment. Good job Danica!!!

June 20, 2011 - Gina

The Paleostar for the week of June 20th-24th is Gina! She is in grade 7 from Parkland School! Gina found a nice fish vertebrae. She was one of the hardest workers and stayed at that one spot the whole time. Way to go Gina! You definitely earned it!

June 27th, 2011 - Cole

The Paleostar for the week of June 27th - July 1st is Cole! He was one of our one day digs, after much perseverance he discovered a possible mosasaur phalange (finger bone) and a nicely preserved fish vertebrae, among other fossils. Great find Cole!

Andrew Lockwood
May 16, 2011 - Andrew Lockwood

The Paleostar for the week of May 16th to May 20th is Andrew Lockwood who is in the 2nd grade! Andrew came all the way from Pickle Lake, Ontario on a dig tour with his school. His school, Crolancia Public School was very excited to find some marine reptiles. Andrew was digging near the Death Assemblage site. He was the youngest of his grade to find a mosasaur jaw fragment with the two teeth inside. Way to go Andrew!

Ted Nelson
May 23, 2011 - Ted Nelson

The Paleostar of the week of May 23th to 27th is Ted Nelson! At the Xiphactinus kill site he has been doing the hard job of removing the overburden of the upper middle Gammon layer to the Boyne member. He is the master of the shovels, pick ax, and the wheelbarrow! Way to go Ted, keep up the hard work!

Erik Larson and Talha Suboar
May 30, 2011 - Erik Larson and Talha Suboar

The Paleostars of the week of May 30th to June 3rd are Erik Larson and Talha Suboar! Erik and Talha are from Acadia school and are in grade 7. While on a school dig tour they discovered a possible rib head with a hole, with a possible tooth mark. This is a great find, congratulations to the both of you! Way to go guys!



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