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Star of the Week

Star of the Week

During the “Field Season” (May - September) the fossil crew chooses individuals to become a CFDC Paleo Star of the Week. 

The fossil crew looks for someone who discovered a really cool fossil or many fossils during their visit to the CFDC.  It could also be someone who knows a lot about fossils or rocks or even someone who had a lot of fun with us!

Individuals awarded as the Paleo Star of the Week will be recognized in the museum as well as this website with a caption as to why they were chosen and presented with a certificate.  At the end of the field season we will draw one of our Paleo Stars for a grand prize.   Good luck to everyone!

2008 Paleo Star of the Year

The Ultimiate Paleo Star of the Year is...

*** Abbigail Friesen ***

Congratulations!!!  A great prize has been mailed to you!

On behalf of the Canadian Fossil Discovery Centre, thank you to all the participants in our summer programs. It has been a successful year with several interesting finds, adding to the museum's collection. This could not have been accomplished if it wasn’t for the excitement and enthusiasm that all the participants demonstrated.

Finally, congratulations to the 2008 Paleo Star of the Year. We hope you will enjoy the great prize package that will be sent you. Your discovery was part of a much larger and very exciting fossil find. This find is turning out to be the second largest Mosasaur found in Canada now named Angus. Thank you all once again; you are all truly super stars!

Daniel Warne
May 14, 2008 - Daniel Warne

Daniel Warne of Henry G. Izatt Middle School in Winnipeg is our first paleo star of the week in 2008. Daniel found several unidentified fossil fragments and was the first participant on the dig to find a fossil. Way to go Daniel! Keep up the fine work.

Leah Wilson & Joey Dearborn
May 24, 2008 - Leah Wilson & Joey Dearborn

Congratulations Leah Wilson and Joey Dearborn on being the Paleo Stars of the Week! While on a dig at Spencer’s query with their United Church Conference youth group Leah and Joey uncovered a fish vertebra! Great job!

Amy Knowles & Mandie Laing
May 26, 2008 - Amy Knowles & Mandie Laing

Amy Knowles and Mandie Laing are this week’s paleo stars! While on a school dig with their grade 12 class from Portage Collegiate Institute on Monday, May 26 these lucky ladies uncovered the most exciting find of the season, a Mosasaur vertebra! Later on that week we found another Mosasaur vertebra in the same area, Amy and Mandie’s find could be the beginning of something larger! Way to go!

Heather Nelson
June 8-14, 2008 - Heather Nelson

Congratulations to our very own summer staff member Heather Nelson who noticed a fossil sticking up out of the shale. Lead by her curiosity, Heather began to brush away the surrounding shale and uncovered a plesiosaur vertebra. By the end of the day, Heather and our team uncovered six well preserved plesiosaur vertebrae and several fossil fragments. Heather was given the honour of naming her find and has named the plesiosaur Ianto. Keep of the good work Heather!

Cody Borst, Emiel Klassen and Dominique Linde
June 17, 2008 - Cody Borst, Emiel Klassen and Dominique Linde

Cody Borst, Emiel Klaassen and Dominique Linde (left to right) found a Mosasaur vertebra while on a dig with their Grade 4 class from Dufferen Christian School. This was a great group, excited to dig, lots of fun and full of great questions. Congratulations Cody, Emiel and Dominique on your find!

Jason Peters
June 25, 2008 - Jason Peters

Our Paleo Star of the Week is Jason Peters! While on his school field trip on June 25 with Parkland Elementary School Jason unearthed a Mosasaur vertebra. A great find for a last school dig of the season!  Congratulations Jason!

Myra Danielson
June 30, 2008 - Myra Danielson

Braving the heat on the first hot day of the season, Myra Danielson found two fish scales embedded in a piece of shale. Myra, her husband Larry and their friend Heather joined us for a Paleo Tour on June 30 and made the day truly enjoyable with animated conversation. Myra’s diligence and perseverance in digging paid off, congratulations on your find Myra!

July 10, 2008 - Ted & Sue Nelson & Family

On July 10, Ted and Sue Nelson and their relatives, Janice, Mike, Samuel and Robert came out for a paleo tour. They continued to excavate around the plesiosaur found at Mt. Nebo mid-June. Although they didn’t find any fossils they were an enthusiastic and inquisitive group that made for a delightful afternoon. Congratulations on being the paleo stars of the week!

Diane Unger
July 18, 2008 - Diane Unger

Congratulations to Diane Unger on being the paleo star of the week! Diane, her two sons, Shaye and Jamieson and her friend Lori Janzen came for a paleo tour on July 18. This vivacious group went to Mt. Nebo and continued to work on the plesiosaur that was discovered mid-June. Diane was the only one of the group to find something, she uncovered some fossil fragments. Great work Diane!

Becky McLoed
July 25, 2008 - Becky McLoed

This weeks’ paleo star of the week is Becky McLeod! On July 25, Becky and her group joined us for a paleo tour and excavated at Mt. Nebo. Becky was excited to go digging, asked tons of great questions and wasn’t afraid to get dirty. Even though she didn’t find anything her positive attitude and energy earned her recognition as our paleo star. Congratulations Becky!

Chantal Gibson
August 1, 2008 - Chantal Gibson

This week’s paleo star is Chantal Gibson! Chantal and her family come out with us on August 1st and uncovered the first fossil belonging to a Mosasaur that has turned out to be one the most exciting finds of the season. While out at the CFDC property this enthusiastic group continued excavation on an existing site and in the process found Mosasaur vertebra, jaw, possible tooth, and rib. Thanks for your help at the site and hope to see you again!

Sarah Pederson
August 7, 2008 - Sarah Pederson

Sarah Pederson, her brother Brett, her dad Steve and grandpa Bob came on a Paleo Tour and continued work on our Mosasaur site. Sarah is this weeks star because her interesting find and the diligence she displayed in her field technique. Sarah uncovered more of a vertebra and found a possible rib as well as a ball shaped fossil. Way to go Sarah!

Danielle & Sean Fowke
August 11, 2008 - Danielle & Sean Fowke

This weeks’ paleo star is Danielle and Sean Fowke! Danielle, Sean and their Dad were going to head out into the field on a paleo tour but because of rain we had indoor fun instead! We did a GPS treasure hunt and made fossil replicas. Danielle and Sean were great sports, they braved the rain as they searched for treasure with their GPS and made some fierce looking replicas! Way to go!

Abbigail Friesen
August 20, 2008 - Abbigail Friesen

This weeks’ paleo star is Abbigail Friesen! Abby came for a paleo tour on August 20 with her Grandma and two brothers and found a Mosasaur rib! During the tour Abby had some great questions and was an attentive listener. Out in the field Abby was at first discouraged but then found the most exciting find of the morning! She worked carefully and conscientiously, way to go Abby!

Honorable Mentions
Chris Rybuck & Brandan Kropla
August 6, 2008 - Chris Rybuck & Brandan Kropla

Cousins Chris Rybuck and Brendan Kropla deserve a honorable mention for their positive attitude and enthusiasm. They found three small fossils which could be possible fish vertebra. Chris and Brendan were excited to dig, worked hard and made for an exciting afternoon. Congratulations to our last paleo stars!

Joseph Hatcher
2008 - Joseph Hatcher

This field season’s Mr. Congeniality goes to the distinguished Joseph Hatcher. Joey’s southern charm, laidback attitude and willingness to drop everything to discuss the finer points of barbecuing or give you an update on his garden have earned him this prestigious title. Not only is Joey  up for playing pranks and engaging in epic lightsaber battles but he also shows dedication in the field, has a sharp wit, is a patient teacher and pocesses an unfailing love for all things fossilized. If you ever have the chance to get out in the field with Joey remember your water bottle (or else he will feed you to the cougar) and if you want to see his eyes light up make sure you ask who would win in a fight between a triceratops and a t-rex. He will surely set you straight. Congratulations on your award Joey!

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