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On behalf of the Canadian Fossil Discovery Centre, thank you to all the participants in our summer programs. It has been one of our most successful years with the discovery of the McGregor Mosasaur (Visit the photo album page.) and finding many other specimens to add to the museum collection. This could not have been accomplished if it wasn’t for the excitement and enthusiasm that all the participants demonstrated. Also, thank you to Carol Wilkinson for generously updating the paleo star website weekly, we greatly appreciate her help. Finally, I would like to remind the paleo stars to check our website after September 4th, to see who the ultimate paleo star of the year is. This individual will receive an amazing prize and will be notified either by email or phone. Thank you all once again; you are all truly super stars!

Name Date Description
Tammy & Jordan Krahn August 31, 2006 Tammy and Jordan are this week's paleo stars! On their excursion they went to the newly discovered mosasaur site. There, they helped the fossil crew uncover more fossils from the specimen. Unfortunately, no mosasaur fossils were found, however they both manage to find well perserved fish vertebrae embedded in the shale next to the specimen. Great job!
Terri & Kevin August 28, 2006 5On their school dig they discovered a very well preserved rib fragment. This rib fragment is probably from a mosasaur or plesiosaur because of its large size. Great job on the discovery!
Michelle Janzic August 21, 2006 4Being a "dino" expert must run in the family because this week's Paleo Star is Michelle Janzic. On her dig, she effortlessly found a fish backbone and one of the rarest finds this summer... a mosasaur tooth. The fossil crew was stunned and amazed; meanwhile it was just a walk in the park for Michelle. Great job Michelle and watch out Anita... looks like you have competition!
Christopher, Brent, & David August 14, 2006 6One of the summer's greatest finds was uncovered by Chri stopher, Brent, and David! On their Dig Day they stumbled upon a large fossil and as the group continued to excavate, they discovered more pieces in the surrounding area. To their amazement, they discovered a plesiosaur paddle, about 25 cm long, 3that probably would have been from a juvenile. The fossil crew will continue to look at the site and hopefully recover more of the specimen. Great job on your find! Without a doubt, Christopher, Brent, and David are this week's Paleo Stars!
Brenna, Zachary, and Jazmyn August 8, 2006 The Paleo Stars of the week are Brenna, Zachary and Jazmyn from Manitou, Manitoba.  The "Dig Day" program co-ordinator said that this group was outstanding.  They asked great questions and were very enthusiastic about all the games played.  Great job!
Eckert Family July 31, 2006 2This week’s paleo star is the Eckert family from Anola, Manitoba. On their paleo tour, despite the very hot and humid weather, they discovered a fish vertebra. The vertebra was probably from a Xiphactinus, a prehistoric fish that weighed about 600 pounds and grew to be 15 ft long. Great job Eckert family!
Kyle MacInnis July 24, 2006 1Kyle MacInnis registered for a Dig Day, but little did we know he was a fossil expert!  First, he shocked the tour guide on how much he knew about prehistoric marine animals such as megalodons, a gigantic shark.  Then, he continued to surprise us by collecting a wide variety of fossils.  His greatest find was a Mosasaur jaw fragment, making Kyle this week's Paleo Star! Great job Kyle and continue to learn more about dinosaurs!
Klippenstein Family July 12, 2006 The members of the Klippenstein family, from Altona, Manitoba, are this week's Paleo Stars!  This family, one of the first to go on a paleo tour this summer, excavated at one of our exclusive dig sites and found a Mosasaur jaw fragment upon which is a very well-preserved tooth . . . making it a very rare find.  Great job on your "super nova" find!
Dufferin Christian School June 21, 2006 Dufferin Christian School from Carman, Manitoba, is this week's Paleo Star! Mrs. Doek's grade 4 class was very enthusiastic, well behaved, and asked great questions about marine reptiles. Also, they were amazing fossil collectors! Great job grade 4's!
MacGregor School June 12, 2006 The dig programs started with a “Dino” find as the MacGregor School from MacGregor Manitoba unearthed a Mosasaur specimen. On June 12, Mrs. Williams gr.4 class participated in a school dig and to their amazement found fossils embedded within the shale.  Volunteers and staff continued to excavate the find and discovered that the gr.4’s were brushing an 80 million year old Mosasaur.  So far three vertebrae, three ribs, and a lower jaw fragment have been collected.  This specimen will be named the “MacGregor” mosasaur.  Great job Mrs.William’s class! You’re our Paleo Star of the Week!


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