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Star of the Week

Star of the Week

During the “Field Season” (May - September) the fossil crew chooses individuals to become a CFDC Paleo Star of the Week. 

The fossil crew looks for someone who discovered a really cool fossil or many fossils during their visit to the CFDC.  It could also be someone who knows a lot about fossils or rocks or even someone who had a lot of fun with us!

Individuals awarded as the Paleo Star of the Week will be recognized in the museum as well as this website with a caption as to why they were chosen and presented with a certificate.  At the end of the field season we will draw one of our Paleo Stars for a grand prize.   Good luck to everyone!

Luke Bergman
May 19 - May 25, 2013 - Luke Bergman

This week's Paleostar is Luke Bergman from Mrs. Spraggs' grade-four class from Shevchenko School in Vita Manitoba. Luke found a fish vertebrae very early in his group's Dig Tour. He also had a wonderful sense of exploration while looking for fossils.

Sean Kennedy
May 26 - June 1, 2013 - Sean Kennedy

This week's Paleostar is Sean Kennedy from Mr. Grape's grade-seven class from Acadia Junior High in Winnipeg. Sean found a fossilized shrimp burrow while digging in the field. He also showed great patience while digging, which showed in his results.

Maitlyn Hales
June 2 - 8, 2013 - Maitlyn Hales

Maitlyn Hales from Sylvie Tomoniko's grade-six class of Hazel M Kellington School is this week's Paleostar. She found a miscellaneous fossil vertebrae in the mud at one of our dig sites. She adventured away from her classmates to look for fossils where none of her classmates would.

Alex Wiebe
June 9 - 15, 2013 - Alex Wiebe

This week's Paleostar had a very successful dig adventure with us. Her name is Alex Wiebe from Kathy Schroeder's grade-seven class of Rosenfeld Elementary school. She found a large and completely intact mosasaur vertebrae from our dig site. She also showed perseverance in continuing to search the area for more fossils!

Shoesmith and company
June 16 - 22, 2013 - Shoesmith Group

This week's Paleostar is a collective group (Dallas Jasper, Andrea Overby, Lauren Anderson, and Dave Shoesmith from St. James in Winnipeg) who found numerous microfossils and a mosasaur backbone. They enjoyed digging and exploring the fossil site!

Grade 6 7 8 from Edward MB
June 23 - 29, 2013 - Grade 6 7 8 Edward MB

The entire grade 6, 7, and 8 classes from Edward Manitoba are this week's paleostars. They were the first group to dig at a new site that no other classes had dug at before. They also stayed positive and had lots of fun on one of the hottest days yet.

Cora Turner
June 30 - July 06, 2013 - Cora Turner

Cora Turner from Edmonton Alberta is this week's paleostar. She and her grandfather Don found many microfossils along with a large amount of Pembina diamonds. Cora also explored two of our sites and had a superb sense of exploration.

Stark Family
July 07 - July 13, 2013 - Stark Family

The Stark family from Winnipeg Manitoba is this week's paleostars. They had a wonderfully positive attitude despite the rain. They also showed great initiative in looking and digging for fossils.

Natalie Dornian
July 07 - July 13, 2013 - Natalie Dornian

Natalie Dornian from Selkirk Manitoba is the paleostar for this week. She came with her Aunt Jan to dig at our dig site. They together found a piece of a mosasaur jaw bone as well as some smaller mosasaur fossils! They were very enthusiastic diggers out in the field.



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