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Specimen #: T.74.01.04

Collection: Testudines > Toxochelys, Turtle

Status: stored


Unidentified Material


This specimen has not yet been prepared and is still contained within it's original field plaster jacket. Thus, this specimen is not currently avalible for accurate scientific measurement.


NICHOLLS, E.L., T.T. TOKARYK, and L.V. HILLS. 1990. Cretaceous Marine Turtles From the Western Interior Seaway of Canada. Canadian Journal of earth Sciences, Volume 27, pp. 1288-1298.

Common Name: Toxochelys, Turtle
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Reptilia
Order: Testudines
Family: Toxochelyidae
Genus: Toxochelys
Species: latiremis
Geo Period: Cretaceous
Epoch: Campanian
Formation: Pierre Shale
Member: Pembina
Current Location: Manitoba Escarpment
Credit: Dr. Elizabeth L. Nicholls, Henry Isaak, Don Bell
Current Condition