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Specimen #: Q.84.03.18

Collection: Kelaenidae > Tusoteuthis, Squid

Status: stored


Complete Gladius - Rhachis broken, with distal end offset

Measurements (N/A x N/A x 1,213 mm)

Measurements provided in mm from Nicholls and Isaak, 1987.


NICHOLLS, E.L. and H. ISAAK, 1987. Stratigraphic and Taxonomic Significance of "Tusoteuthis Longa" Logan (Coleoidea, Teuthida) From the Pembina Member, Pierre Shale (Campanian), of Manitoba. Journal of Paleontology, v. 61, No. 4, pp. 727-737.

Common Name: Tusoteuthis, Squid
Phylum: Mollusca
Class: Cephalopoda
Order: Teuthida
Family: Kelaenidae
Genus: Tusoteuthis
Species: longa
Geo Period: Cretaceous
Epoch: Campanian
Formation: Pierre Shale
Member: Pembina
Current Location: Manitoba Escarpment
Credit: Dr. Elizabeth L. Nicholls, Henry Isaak, Don Bell
Current Condition