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Specimen #: W.07.01.00

Collection: Plantae > Petrified Wood

Status: stored


Teredo Bored Petrified Wood (North Dakota State Fossil)

Measurements (18.4 x 2.1 x 15.0 cm)

Rough measurements were made using a hand held ruler, not a set of calipers. The above rough measurments for Width and Length depend largely on the researcher's point of view, though the measurement difference of 3.4 centimeters should indicate to other researchers which axis was used for each measurement.

Common Name: Petrified Wood
Phylum: Unknown
Class: Unknown
Order: Unknown
Family: Unknown
Genus: Unknown
Species: Unknown
Geo Period: Paleogene
Epoch: Paleocene
Formation: Cannonball
Member: unknown
Current Location: South of Mandan, Morton County, North Dakota
Credit: Dr. John Hoganson, Brett Woodward, Jake Schlosser
Current Condition