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Photo Album

We hope that the following photos will give you a feel for what we do here at the

Canadian Fossil Discovery Centre.  Click on the links to see the section that interests you most.


Field Work

New Specimens

Featuring: BRUCE!


P.C.A.G. September 29, 2012


More Great Fossil Discoveries (2011)


Mosasaur Skull

This Mosasaur (Clidastes) skull found in 1974 is from the smallest family of Mosasaurs that lived in this area with a body length of approximately 4 1/2 - 6 m (15 - 20 ft).


Diorama of the Wester Interior Seaway during the late Cretaceous period. In the foreground both long & short necked Plesiosaur can be seen along with other Cretaceous cretures.

Mosasaur Replica

Fleshed out Mosasaur replica approximately 3 m (10 ft) in length.


Plesi is a short necked Plesiorsaur (Polycotylus) with peg like teeth for capturing fish.

Mosasaur Bruce

Bruce is the largest Mosasaur (Hainosaurus) found in Canada also considered the fiercest of all the marine reptiles. He was discovered in 1974 north of Thornhill and is 13 m (43 ft) in length.

Xiphactinus Skull


Betsy Site

Betsy site (specimen p.04.01.15) Excavation began in 2004 with a total site size of 20 m sqaure. The white objects field jackets ready to be removed.


Volunteers Luca Janzic and Dave Simpson working on a Mosasaur excavation.

Field Jacketing

Curator Anita Janzic and summer staff preparing a field jacket for removal.


Carefully removing shale to expose the fish fossils with a pick, a time consuming process.


Curator Anita Janzic and summer staff excavating a Hesperornis.


Examining the rock units of the Manitoba Escarpment.


The following images are of the 1000th accessioning in January 2012.

Xiphactinus (F-2011-01-31)
This particular accessioned specimen has a planned excavation in 2012 as it was discovered at the end of the 2011 season. The specimen includes fragments of the jaw bone.


The following photos were taken in 2006.

MacGregor (M-06-01-04)
Mac Gregor is a mosasaur discovered during a school dig by participants from Mac Gregor.  The specimen includes a jaw fragment, a vertebra and a rib fragment.

McGregor Jaw
McGregor Jaw Rock
McGregor Partial Rib
McGregor Vertebra Fragment

Betsy (P-04-01-15)
This is our third field season excavating Betsy who was first discovered in 2004.  The back of the skull was finally located this year.  Stomach remains were also associated with Betsy and have yielded many fish teeth that have be extracted from the matrix of gastric residue.  More information is available on this specimen just click on  All About Betsy under the Cretaceous Creatures tab at the top of the home page.

Betsy Basioccipital
Betsy Lower Jaw

Specimen (M-06-02-03)
This mosasaur was just discovered the week of August 18th, 2006 and is currently being excavated. It is estimated to be 50% complete and partially articulated. More images will be posted as soon as possible.

Date Recording
Overall Site
Vertebral Column