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The Canadian Fossil Discovery Centre is a charitable organization governed by a Volunteer Board of Directors consisting of:

  • James Bamburak - Director
  • Joe Brown - Secretary
  • Kevin Campbell - Chairman
  • Heather Francis - Director - City of Morden Appointee
  • Brian Fransen - Vice President - Western School Division Appointee
  • Vince Galati - Director
  • Chris Leach - Director
  • Walter Siemens - Treasurer
  • Kent Winning - Director
Mission Statement

"Dedicated to excellence in fossil preservation, research and learning experiences."

Statement of Purpose

The primary purpose of the Canadian Fossil Discovery Centre (here-after referred to as “the Centre”) is to support local initiatives in the field of Paleontology and related earth sciences. The Centre’s purpose is to search and excavate, document, collect, preserve, research and study, provide public exhibitions, educate, and interpret fossil and geological specimens including prehistoric environments primarily from the Manitoba Escarpment as well as (including) surrounding areas and related geological formations. This will include all types of fossils from the Pierre Shale and or any other fossil-bearing strata of this area or related formations elsewhere in Manitoba and Canada.

The second purpose of the Centre will be the acquisition of and conservation of properties with fossil-bearing strata, along the Manitoba Escarpment. This will enable the Centre to preserve and conserve fossiliferous areas ensuring the opportunity for future research and achievement of the Centre’s purpose as part of Canada’s heritage.

A third purpose will be the provision of support for the Paleontological/geological exploration and research of potential fossil-bearing properties along the Manitoba Escarpment or related formations outside of Manitoba.

It will be the policy of the Centre to encourage collaboration with any individual or group, organization, university, school, museum or other institute of research in any manner within the above noted areas of interest, consistent with sound principles of scientific research and program/museum development.

The Centre will work closely with landowners whose generous provision of access to their land has allowed the Centre to successfully achieve its primary purpose. If the production of bentonite mining is to resume, the Centre will encourage working with new potential mining companies to coincide with its primary purpose.

The Centre will accept donations of services, money, time or talents from interested citizens. The Centre believes many people have information or abilities that can be valuable in securing new fossil specimens or in supporting the Centre’s programs and operations.

The Centre’s Statement of Purpose may be amended only on the recommendation of the Board of Directors, by a majority of the members present at the annual meeting or at a meeting of members called for that purpose.

    Governance Documents