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Canadian Fossil Discovery Centre
111-B Gilmour Street
Morden, Manitoba Canada
R6M 1N9
(Morden Community Centre – Lower Level)
Phone: (204) 822-3406
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The following is the team at the museum. 

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Trevor Fehr - Customer Service Representative

Having joined in June of 2011 as the Customer Service Representative, Trevor’s broad range of technical skills contributes to the CFDC’s role in the experiential tourism industry. Trevor has over 11 years of customer service experience in retail and 9 of those in retail management having worked and been part of a diverse market therein, giving him a unique set of skills to offer the CFDC including many forms of information technologies and computer repair. With this unique combination of skills, Trevor ‘rounds out the team’, helping visitors more easily interact with the resident experts of the CFDC.

Joseph Hatcher – Curator

Joseph has enjoyed a lifelong interest in vertebrate fossils since he was a young boy. One of his distant relatives, John Bell Hatcher, was famous for discovering the dinosaur Triceratops in the late 1800’s so Joseph often claims that fossil hunting is in his blood.

After growing up and studying geology in North Carolina, Joseph gained field experiences in the Jurassic Morrison Formation in Wyoming, briefly studied fossil sharks in the Pliocene of Florida, and gained field experience in the Cretaceous marls of New Jersey. After university, Joseph became an active field paleontologist where he worked in the rugged badlands of Montana’s Hell Creek Formation where he spent six years studying the paleoecology of the three-horned dinosaur Triceratops, and three winters gaining intensive hands-on fossil preparation laboratory training at the Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia, before other research interests led him into the Cretaceous marine strata of the Western Interior Seaway. With a wealth of dinosaur related field experiences, Joseph has brought his field talents to the Cretaceous sequence of Manitoba where he has become an instrumental researcher into the stratigraphy and paleoecology of the Manitoba Escarpment.

Joseph has published 25 professional papers in peer-reviewed scientific journals, and is a two time award recipient (2006 and 2007) as a Distinguished Mentor for the Roy J. Shlemon Mentors in Applied Geoscience Program by the Geological Society of America. He has lectured on vertebrate fossils to audiences ranging from summer campfire programs to professional paleontology symposia, and has appeared on various television outlets including the Discovery Channel.

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