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Fossil Dig Adventure Tours

Fossil Dig Tours

Now accepting Bookings!

The Fossil Dig Adventure Tours have had an immense success rate for finding fossils since 2008!

If you like adventure and hands on experiences, then consider the following Fossil Dig Adventure Tour programs. This is one of Manitoba's hottest tourism products!

Participate in one of Manitoba's hottest summer programs. Our specialty is hunting for fossils, finding fossils and collecting fossils.

Some people call our fossils dinosaurs, but we call them marine reptiles! Our fossils are from the ancient Western Interior Seaway, from the late Cretaceous period. Do you know the difference? Do you know that Manitoba was submersed with a shallow salt water seaway for millions of years?

We operate approximately 30 active dig sites in the Morden area.


1/2 Day Fossil Dig

Cost: Children ages 10+ = $50.00 and Adults at $60.00 each. Group of 7 Rate: $300.00

Take an adventure back to Cretaceous times when dinosaurs walked the earth and great sea reptiles ruled the oceans. Become a palaeontologist as you join the Canadian Fossil Discovery Centre's excavation team in the scenic Pembina Hills.
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1 Day Fossil Dig Adventure

Cost: Children ages 10+ = $85.00 and Adults at $110.00 each. Group of 7 Rate: $600.00

Come for an unforgettable adventure with the Canadian Fossil Discovery Centre (CFDC). Experience the outdoors of the Manitoba Escarpment while excavating 80 million year old fossils. Bring any fossils or rocks you've always wanted identified.
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2 Day Fossil Dig Adventure

Cost: Children ages 10+ = $160.00 and Adults at $200.00 each. Group of 7 Rate: $1000.00

Begin with a tour of the CFDC, followed by an exciting talk and identification session by a paleontologist and geologist. You are then transported to the dig site where you will have an opportunity to search and excavate 80 million year old fossils.
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5 Day Paleontology Field School

Cost: Children ages 10+ = $475.00 and Adults at $525.00 each.

The CFDC is offering a five day excursion this summer. Participants will experience a fossil dig with a palaeontologist. Find out more...


Bus Tour Dig

Group rates in effect for all CFDC programming.
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