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About Us

The Canadian Fossil Discovery Centre (CFDC) is quickly becoming a top Manitoba travel destination. Just ask Macleans Magazine.

Our Fossil Dig Adventure Tours have a near 100% success rate in finding new fossils, since the beginning of 2009! The hills surrounding Morden are abundant in fossils and it is our mandate to collect, preserve and exhibit this valuable provincial resource.

Located in the beautiful community of Morden, the CFDC has served to attract visitors and scientists from around the world and offer unique opportunities to visitors and members of our community.

The current goal of the CFDC is to build a new state-of-the-art fossil museum in the Morden area

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Our galleries provide a great interpretation of life in the Western Interior Seaway from the late Cretaceous period of earth's pre history. Our extensive collection of marine reptile fossils is the largest in Canada and is very well represented in our gallery space. The CFDC galleries include:

  • A new interactive Nintendo Wii exhibit
  • A Mosasaur skull
  • Hesperornis - bird fossils
  • Recent fossil finds - general mix of local fossils found in recent years
  • Darwinism the Origin of Species, Geological exhibit with good hands on examples
  • Prehistoric chart of age, epoch and era
  • An exhibit of bentonite, the mining of it and its uses in manufactured goods
  • An exhibit of different types of fossilization
  • Hands on exhibit of gastroliths and vertebra
  • Shark vertebra
  • An exhibit of a palaeontologist working in the field with field jackets
  • Petrified wood
  • Plesiosaur exhibit with examples of field jacketing
  • Diorama of a scene from cretaceous sea, with quality models of common creatures of the age
  • Fossil exhibit of Bruce the mosasaur with a made up, fleshed out model of a Mosasaur
  • Fish exhibit, with numerous fish fossils
  • Squid and turtle fossils
  • Full size model of hesperornis showing the work of paleontology researchers
  • Hands on exhibit of comparative models of both mosasaur and plesiosaur vertebra
  • Main exhibit of Bruce the 43 foot long mosasaur and Plesi the 12 foot long plesiosaur, with dramatic sound effects and Karen Carr backdrops on large banners
  • Death scene exhibit of mosasaur and shark fossils
Fossil dig Tours

The Canadian Fossil Discovery Centre annually conducts Fossil Dig Adventure Tours for children, families, and earth science enthusiasts of all ages.

Museum Tours & Workshops

The Staff and volunteers of the Canadian Fossil Discovery Centre strive to set a new standard in the museum experience for visitors of every age and background. Providing both informative tours of the museum for the general public or conducting school programs with guided tours and earth science related workshop activities, we continuously improve on our educational outreach.

Education Kits

The Canadian Fossil Discovery Centre has created 4 Education Kits for use by teachers in their classrooms. The kits focus on the following topics: Dinosaurs, Evolution, Habitats, Rock & Minerals. Each kit is available for teachers to use. Please contact Interim Curator – Matthew Duda (822-3406) for more information on this program.


Our research is conducted in our laboratory and collections room. The collections room contains in excess of 900 fossil specimens and houses a fossil mold & replication station. The collections room has over 1000 containing around 900 fossils specimens, there are further workstations and a mold and replica making workstation. Our volunteer program is a great success and much of our prep work in the lab and fossil replication is conducted by trained volunteers. This is rather unique, but it works very well.

The fossil collection is now digitized and uploaded onto the website for perusal by researchers worldwide. We also have numerous scientific journals published with more which are work in progress.

International Outreach

The CFDC is regularly engaged in international outreach and research. Most recently we have been working with noted Palaeontologist and fish expert Dr. Mike Newbrey of Columbia State University in Georgia (formerly with the Royal Tyrrell Museum in Drumheller, Alberta). Dr. Newbrey and the CFDC are currently researching a significant specimen of Squalicorax shark. The CFDC has previously welcomed and hosted researchers from Japan, England, the United States and elsewhere.


Local Partnerships: The Canadian Fossil Discovery Centre is currently involved with the Prairie Rose School Division and with Assiniboine Community College in a collaborative hands-on educational outreach program centered on the real world application of GPS and GIS technology. Currently, we are hosting a student from the Environmental Technologies Program at Assiniboine Community College who is conducting her capstone thesis on CFDC datasets, and in addition, we have hosted two high school interns during the 2008 field season. In the month of November, we will be hosting a joint outdoor field lesson with both high school students from the Prairie Rose School Division and college students from Assiniboine Community College in an effort to plot out elevation contours of the CFDC Property, in addition to measuring sun angles and wind directions for real world application to the development of a future sustainable CFDC Field Research Station on the property.

Student programs are continuously extended and improved and we continue to find new ways of utilizing our assets to the advantage of all of our visitors.

Manitoba Palaeontology Conference

Providing a catalyst for the exchange of the latest palaeontological research within the Province, the Canadian Fossil Discovery Centre took the initiative and pioneered the hosting of the Manitoba Paleontology Conference in 2007 with researchers from a wide variety of backgrounds coming together to discuss and promote their research. The Canadian Fossil Discovery Centre successfully hosted the most recent conference in 2009 and intends to host the next conference in 2011.

Guest Presentations and Invited Lectures

Canadian Fossil Discovery Centre palaeontologists are often asked to be a guest speaker in various classroom levels and at the meetings of both amateur and professional societies.


The CFDC has aspirations to build a new museum to the West of Morden, Manitoba, also a new field station on our property along the Manitoba Escarpment west of Miami, Manitoba. Please see the New Museum Project page for more information on this endeavor.